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We offer a variety of savings accounts paying highly competitive dividends (or interest rates). Each is designed to satisfy your specific financial need.

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Everyday Savings

This is your primary account. Your initial $5 deposit represents your share of ownership in the credit union. Dividends are paid monthly on the daily balance in the account once you have accumulated $100 on deposit.

Secondary Savings

Use these accounts to save for a vacation, education, a holiday expense, or any special occasion.

Holiday Club Account

Now you can save specifically for the holidays. Make deposits or automatic transfers to the account throughout the year. In October, your club deposits will automatically be transferred to your regular savings account for withdrawal. Only use this account if you are serious about saving, because withdrawals are not permitted until it is time for holiday shopping!

Dollar Dog Kids Account

All kids through the age of 12, enroll today!! A Dollar Dog kids account may be opened with a $5 initial deposit. For newborns to age 6 months who open an account, AurGroup will make the initial $5 deposit in the child's name. Kids club members will receive a special membership card and each deposit of $5 and over will earn a special kids club reward. In addition, we offer exclusive kids club term share certificates, which only require $250 minimum deposit.

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Student Savings Account

Designed with teens ages 13+ in mind, our Student Account can be opened with an initial deposit of $5. Teens may also qualify for a checking account and/or an ATM/Debit Card.* To encourage savings, our teens will be eligible to participate in our exclusive term share certificate program with a minimum deposit of $250. Our teen account holders are encouraged to enroll in our Good Grade Recognition Program. (*A parent or legal guardian must co-sign for checking, debit cards, and loans.)

Senior Savings

Members age 62+ can now enjoy even more benefits from their credit union. With an initial deposit of only $5, you can open a Senior Savings account. This account also offer a lifetime of benefits, including one free box of checks each year, a 50% discount on the first year's safety deposit box rental, earn 1/4% higher rate on eligible term share certificates, and a 1/4% rate discount on most loans with direct deposit of social security, retirement benefits, or payroll checks.

Term Share Certificates

Term Share Certificates are a great way to maximize your earnings by investing your funds for a specific period. Various terms (3-60 months) are available with a minimum deposit of $500.

Jumbo Certificates are also available for balances of $100,000 and earn 1/4% higher interest on the term selected.

Dividends are paid monthly on the daily certificate balance. As with any certificate program, there are penalties for early withdrawal.