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Flash Security FAQ

If you can't view the animation file below you will need to click here to download Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed to access the security feature on On-Line Banking.


Web Security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
AurGroup Credit Union takes the protection of your personal data and security very seriously. AurGroup Credit Union has implemented a more robust security package to give you even greater confidence that your information is secure when conducting your banking on-line. If you'd like more information on this security, please review the information below.

If you have any questions, or experience any difficulty in accessing your accounts, please feel free to inquire at any AurGroup Credit Union branch location, or call 513-942-4422 or 888-442-7998.

On-Line Banking Security - FAQs

Minimum System Requirements:
Below is a general overview of the minimum system requirements for On-Line Banking Account Access at AurGroup Credit Union. It is very likely that you already meet these requirements, but we have provided you with links to free downloads of the software in cases where you do not meet the requirements to run On-Line Banking.

Also, if you have the following toolbars installed, they may interfere with the On-Line Banking Account Access sign-on page:

        Earthlink Toolbar (installed in Internet Explorer) if the user has Earthlink Internet Service.
        ViewPoint Toolbar (installed in Internet Explorer)

We also strongly recommend updating your Adobe Acrobat Reader software to version 9.0 or later to ensure you are safe while on-line. Click here to update.

The On-Line Banking sign-on page looks different. Why?
To provide even greater security, AurGroup Credit Union has implemented technology that adds another layer of protection to your on-line banking. This has changed the look and functionality of the sign-on page.

Why did AurGroup Credit Union choose this security feature?
After reviewing the federal guidelines for multi-factor authentication (links below), AurGroup Credit Union spent a great deal of time evaluating the various multi-factor authentication tools available. After extensive research, AurGroup is confident that this feature provides the highest level of security and is the least intrusive solution for you, our members. By design, multi-factor authentication is meant to provide an additional layer of security to protect you, which can mean some extra steps. However, unlike other solutions that may require additional hardware or software or even require you to answer challenge questions every time you bank online, we believe this feature provides you the highest security with the least amount of intrusiveness.

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines for enhancing on-line banking security:

How does this security feature function?
AurGroup Credit Union has added a security component that uses biometrics to help verify your identity when you sign on to On-Line Banking. Biometrics is the measurement of physical characteristics to verify the identity of an individual. This security feature measures the speed and rhythm of your keystrokes as you type your user ID and password to establish your unique typing "signature" and then verify your identity. It does not record your actual password; it only measures HOW you type it.

Will this security require additional software on my part?
All necessary software is very common and likely already installed on your computer. However, there may be instances where you will need to download and install one or more of the free components that are necessary to properly authenticate your sign-on. View the minimum requirements at the top of this page.

I tried to download Flash, but I get a message that states I don't have it. What do I do?
If you are using Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to install ActiveX when downloading Flash. Both are necessary. After installing Flash and ActiveX, make sure ActiveX is enabled by following these steps:

  • From your browser menu, go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on the Security Tab
  • Click on Custom settings
  • From the checklist find "Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins"
  • Make sure that "enabled" is checked
  • Save your changes then close and re-open your browser

Why do my username and/or password get erased if I hit backspace?
Since our security feature uses the keystrokes you use, your full user ID and password are needed to verify your identity. So, if you enter an incorrect character by mistake and hit backspace, you will need to start at the beginning and type the information completely before continuing.

It may also take an extra moment to process your username and password after you submit. You will automatically be directed to your accounts page if your username and password are authenticated.

Why will my password management software no longer function and why can't I cut and paste my sign-on info into the fields?
To measure your keystrokes, this software must capture your typing speed and rhythm. The use of password management software negates the ability to capture such measures. To ensure your protection, you will be required to manually type your information at each sign-on. Additionally, for your protection, it is best to no longer rely on such software or practices with ANY website.

The sign-on fields for my user name and password don't show up on the sign-on page. Why?
If you are using a popup ad blocker (such as those provided by FireFox, Google, and AOL), you may experience this issue. You can disable the blocker software specifically for our On-Line Banking sign-on page; which will then allow you to see the fields and access your account.
Another reason for the sign-on fields not being displayed, may be due to Adobe Flash Player not being installed on your system. Click here to download and install Adobe Flash Player.

How does this security affect my other on-line banking features; like BillPay, eStatements, check images, etc?
Generally, there are no differences once you have signed into On-Line Banking. The only instance where you may experience an issue is if you had previously shared your sign-on ID and password between multiple people (such as a husband and wife using the same ID and password for a joint account).

In this case, each person will need to enroll for separate On-Line Account Access and a sign on ID.

What do I do if I am told that my sign-on could not be authenticated?
Please contact AurGroup Credit Union at any branch location or call 513-942-4422 or 888-442-7998.

What if I share the same username and password with another person in my household?
For your protection, this security feature only authenticates one typing rhythm for each username and password. For your protection, we require members to establish separate usernames and passwords for each person. If you wish to establish a username and password, please contact AurGroup Financial Credit Union at 513-942-4422 or 888-442-7998.

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