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Fake Texts and Calls on the Rise

Members have reported seeing a rise in fake calls and texts from fraudsters claiming to be from AurGroup Credit Union and other companies.

The scammers are clever. With texts, they will often ask you to click a link to “accept or reject” fake charges or to verify account credentials. They can even alter caller ID info with calls, so it looks like it’s coming from AurGroup. Please don’t fall for it!

Remember, AurGroup will never text, call, or email you out of the blue asking for your passwords, PIN codes, or personal/account information.

If you receive a text, call, or email appearing to be from AurGroup Credit Union, no matter how legitimate, convincing, or urgent the request is, do not do any of the following:

  • DO NOT share sensitive account/personal information over the phone.
  • DO NOT click on any links in texts or email.
  • DO NOT call any numbers provided.
  • DO NOT enter personal or account information, i.e., username, password, or security code, into a website the text takes you to.

Delete the text or hang up the phone immediately and call AurGroup directly at 513-942-4422. You can also check your accounts online and, with the mobile app, turn off your debit card temporarily.