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Credit Union Student Checking Account in Cincinnati, Ohio

Learning about being responsible with money is essential for any child or teenager. AurGroup Credit Union cares deeply and passionately about helping students of every age. We love to go in and talk with local students in the surrounding communities of Cincinnati, West Chester, Fairfield, Hamilton, and more. AurGroup introduces them to our Dollar Dog Kids Account, which is perfect for kids under age 12. 


For teenagers, we have a separate account with other benefits. It provides teens with a debit and ATM card to give them some independence. You can send your child to the grocery store or the gas station and allow them to make purchases themselves. Understanding finances is an important part of growing up. After opening holiday or birthday cards, take the money your kids received and place it in their checking account. They can use the money as they choose, whether they’re saving up for college or a new piece of technology.


Our credit union student checking accounts will help you teach your kids how to handle their money and set themselves up for success as adults. Plus, these accounts come with a wide range of benefits. Most have a low minimum balance and low opening balances. Our student accounts at AurGroup Credit Union require only five dollars as the initial deposit.


Why should you choose us to set up your credit union student account? We’re neighbors you can trust in the local community. We handle your kid’s money with care and respect because we understand the significance of saving. It’s a relationship you can count on for years to come. We’ll welcome you with a warm smile when you walk through our doors. Turn to AurGroup Credit Union to set your kids up for a successful financial future.