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Student Accounts for All Ages

Founded by teachers in the 1930’s, we are passionate about helping students of all ages. Whether they’re just started out or learning the ropes of adulthood, AurGroup is here to help.  

You can often find us talking to local elementary schools about our Dollar Dog Kids Account and starting the habit of saving money. Or, you’ll find us in local high schools sharing information about banking tools, savings tips, and how to responsibly build credit once they turn 18 years old.


Dollar Dog Kids Account
Under 12 years old

All kids through the age of 12, enroll today!! A Dollar Dog kids account may be opened with a $5 initial deposit. For newborns to age 6 months who open an account, AurGroup will make the initial $5 deposit in the child's name. Kids club members will receive a special membership card and each deposit of $5 and over will earn a special kids club reward. In addition, we offer exclusive kids club term share certificates, which only require $250 minimum deposit.

Join the Dollar Dog Club!

Student Savings Account
13 - 19 years old

Designed with teens ages 13+ in mind, our Student Account can be opened with an initial deposit of $5. Teens may also qualify for a checking account and/or an ATM/Debit Card.* To encourage savings, our teens will be eligible to participate in our exclusive term share certificate program with a minimum deposit of $250. Our teen account holders are encouraged to enroll in our Good Grade Recognition Program. (*A parent or legal guardian must co-sign for checking, debit cards, and loans.)