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Convenience Services

AurGroup offers several convenience services as a member-benefit.

Spare Change Exchange

Let us help you with that jar of coins you’ve been collecting. Unlike other places, AurGroup doesn’t charge a fee to turn your coins into cash. We just make a few requests:

  1. If you can’t lift it – we can’t lift it. Maybe bring it in a little at a time.
  2. Don’t roll the coins. Life is too short. We have a magical machine to count it for you/us.
  3. It takes a bit of time to turn those coins into cash. If we are super busy, we may ask that you leave it with us or come back another time.

We can help with school organizations who do coin collections as fundraisers. Please call us to schedule a time to visit.

Safe Deposit Boxes

You already keep your cash safe in accounts with AurGroup. Why keep your valuable documents in a shoebox? Protect important documents or valuables in a secure Safe Deposit Box at our Fairfield location.

  1.   5x5x21 = $30.00 plus sales tax
  2.   3x10x21 = $35.00 plus sales tax
  3.   5x10x21 = $45.00 plus sales tax
  4.   10x10x21= $70.00 plus sales tax

Notary Service

AurGroup members have access to free notary service at any location. Please call ahead to be sure a notary is available and bring a valid photo ID.

Direct Deposit

We want to make your life easier, not harder. When you Direct Deposit your payroll, pension, or government check with AurGroup, you’ll have access to your money UP TO 2 days sooner with Early Pay. There’s no need to enroll in Early Pay, it’s automatic. To get started, simply give your employer (or payer) your AurGroup savings or checking account number (not member number) along with our Routing number of 242077121.

You can deposit your entire paycheck or just a portion or allocate portions of your check to go to any savings or checking account or as payment towards a loan.

Wire Transfer

Sometimes you need to get money somewhere fast. If so, a wire transfer may be the answer.

Here’s the information we will need:

  • Name, address and routing number of the financial institution receiving the funds.
  • Swift Code, if the transfer is international. BIC code, if the transfer is international within Europe.
  • Recipient’s name, address and account number where the funds will be deposited.

Please note: Domestic wires initiated by 4:00 pm EST will be sent the same day*. International wires initiated by 2:00 pm EST will be sent the same day*. In addition, a $30 fee does apply for domestic transfers and a $60 fee applies for international transfers.

Just give us a call at (513) 942-4422 or toll-free 888-442-7998 to get started.

Money Orders

Money orders are a safe alternative to a personal check and available in amounts up to $2,000.

Official Check

An AurGroup Official Check, like a Cashier’s Check, guarantees the funds. You’ll never have to worry about bouncing an official check.

Check Ordering

To order checks, visit the Harland Clarke® website and enter the AurGroup routing number (242077121), the MICR number (14 digits after routing number on the bottom of your checks) and your zip code to get started. If you need assistance ordering checks or are unsure what your account number is, call us at (513) 942-4422 or toll-free 888-442-7998. 

Shared Branching

Credit Unions are friends with each other, isn’t that nice? So, you can access your AurGroup accounts nationwide with the Credit Union Shared Branching Network. These branches allow you to conduct most of your business as if they were a branch of AurGroup. For a Shared Branching location near you, click here.

Over 5000 nationwide locations at your service.

TruStage® Home & Auto Insurance

Designed for credit union members like you, the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program provides affordable top-quality protection. You could enjoy discounted rates combined with online convenience and 24/7 claims service.

Get your free quote today or call 1-855-483-2149.

A Tradition of Strength

TruStage is part of a heritage of faithful service to credit union members spanning more than 80 years. Over 20 million people have selected TruStage for AD&D, life, auto & home insurance and more.

TruStage® Auto and Home Insurance program is offered by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC and issued by leading insurance companies. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts vary by state. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured. This coverage is not sold or guaranteed by your credit union. © TruStage Insurance Agency 2017